Fat: Friend or Foe?

Fat Friend or Foe benefit of fat

Having slim body is everyone’s dream, especially women. There are many ways of diet to be tried. One of them is avoiding food that contain much fat. However, actually, you don’t need to avoid fat. Fat has many benefits for our body. Here is some of them:

Fat is One of Energy Sources

1 gram of fat has 9 Calories. Meanwhile, carbohydrate and protein only give you 4 Calories per gram. That means, fats contains more than twice energy compared to carbohdyrate or protein in the same amount.

Fat Keeps Stomach Full for Longer Time

Fat needs more time to digested and absorbed. So, fat gives the feeling of fullness longer than other foods.

Fat Helps Absorbtion of Vitamin A, D, E, and K

As you may know, vitamin A, D, E, and K have a lot of benefits. Those vitamins are fat-soluble vitamins. They need fat to be absorbed, so those vitamins can work perfectly in our body. So, can you image if you didn’t consume any fat? If you are bleeding, it may takes a lot time to be healed because of vitamin K deficiency.

Fat Potects Important Organs

Fat has protection roles. It protects important organs, such us kidney in order to keep it in the position. Fat also protects the organs in case there is a bump or something. Withous fat, our organs may become unsteady if there is an accident.

Essential Fatty Acids are Important for Our Body

Do you know Omega 3? Omega 6? You may also know that those substances have a lot of benefits. Those substances are fat. They are called essential fatty acids. Moreover, there are many other kind of essential fatty acids that our body needed.

After knowing some benefits of fat, do you still think fat is bad? For getting more benefits and avoiding fat deposit, you can choose unsaturated fatty acids sources, such as oily fish, soy oil, olive oil, or beans.

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