Yeah, I’m blogger! Now, I have been stucked at home for 6 days. So, I decided to write new entry to make sure that I still have my head.
There’s something wrong in my head. That’s feel like fighting, war, or wrestling, whatever. I can’t think normally and clearly. I need some fresh air. Please, I hope someone reply my message.

Okay, tomorrow I will go back to my “hell world” but I hope I have more time to “do that” tomorrow. It may can return “my senses”. Hohoho. Seriously, I need to do that.
Sometimes, I think when you feel you were in hell at that time although you are in heaven, you are really in hell, and when you feel you were in heaven athough you are in hell at that time, you are really ini heaven. So, wherever you are, it is determined by your mind.
And, sooooo, I will think that place is “a beautiful garden with flowers, green grasses, butterflies, dragonflies, clear river, and aromatic air“. Okay, you may think I’m gonna be crazy, but I’m now crazy and I will never be crazy. But I’m freak. (#’..’)?
My last words, see you on the next post. I love you, all.

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